Living with Nomads

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This is the regular picture you may face while visiting Nomads in Iran. Qashqai herdmen in loose and long cloaks, tending and rearing sheep in natural pastures, while Qashqai women, in beautiful costume with vibrant colors, milk the sheep from which they can produce dairy products. As their lifestyle has been in accordance with seasonal migration for centuries, how to have a self-sufficient life is now in their blood. If not busy with daily duties, women and girls of tribes spend time producing handicrafts, mostly weaving Persian tribal rugs, Kilims, and Jajims on horizontal looms. They live in the shelters (tents) which are made of hand-woven black goat wool blankets named Siah Chador. Being lucky enough, you can take part in a wedding ceremony, the wedding may last several days and is accompanied with the continuous serving of tea and food, listening to music, horse riding and wrestling contests and the Qashqai folk dance (women dance around fire while holding a colorful kerchiefs in both hands and moving shoulder to shoulder next to each other in a circle). Our tour provides you with an opportunity to experience a traditional tribal life far from the hectic pace of modern life.


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