Radkan Tower Tour - Night

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  • Duración: 8 Horas (aproximadamente)
  • Ubicación: Mashhad, Radkan Tower
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It is exciting for young travelers and families mostly because of experiencing Eco camping and having the opportunity to visit the clean sky on a telescope, a fun activity for both children and adults. Pilgrims can get familiar with prayer time that’s why this activity is so exciting for them.

Radkan Tower is built of mud brick walls which divide the tower into 12, all equally 30° of the horizon. Above the tower, you can find 36 cracks of 10°. Learning about the leap year, Revolution of the Spheres, the exact day, hour, minute and second of a complete round of earth's rotation around the sun (which is the beginning of the spring in Iran as well as Nowruz). The Tower is designed by Nasir al-din al-Tusi, the great Persian polymath, architect, philosopher, physician, scientist, and theologian. He lived in 1200 CE.

Depart the city five hours to sunset. Our departure depends on sunset in different times of the year. Our first stop is in Akhlamad waterfall. We settle down before the sunset in Radkan Tower to enjoy our tea and the view of the sun going down on the Horizon. We start our Night sky observation as it gets dark. 


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