Tomb of Ferdowsi Tour

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  • Продолжительность: 6 час. (прибл.)
  • Место встречи: Mashhad, Tomb of Ferdowsi
  • Код предложения: APOCHI-023

Khorasan means the land where the sun rises. Scientists, poets, and praised individuals are born and raised there. Ferdowsi, if not most magnificent, is amongst the best figures who guarded the Persian literature and culture with his skills in poetry. Throughout 30 years of his life, he wrote more than 60,000 poem lines, which include legends, stories, and culture of Persia. During our tour to Ferdowsi’s tomb, you learn not only about this respected figure and this phenomenon but also get familiar with the rituals of Pahlevani (Heroism) which mentioned in Firdausi’s book- Shahnameh. To feel the true experience of Iranian sports’ culture and get more familiar with Ferdowsi’s poems, we visit a Zoorkhaneh to get to know more about Pahlevani and Zoorkhaneh rituals. 


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